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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the alarm is set off?

The alarm signal is transmitted via phone line, cell back-up or DVACS (dedicated phone line) and within seconds is received by the Central Security 24-hour monitoring station. Upon receiving the signal, a highly trained operator will call the premise to try and verify the alarm. If the operator does not receive an answer, the police department, fire department, ambulance and / or keyholder will be called. If someone answers the phone, they will be asked for verification (I.D. # that was assigned at the time of installation). If they cannot provide the I.D. #, the police department will be called.

Who gets called to my premise (residence or business) when an alarm signal is received?

Intruder / Burglar Signals Received  – in most cases the police department will be notified if the signal cannot be verified.

Fire Smoke / CO / Natural Gas  – in most cases the fire department will automatically be called if the signal cannot be verified.

Ambulance Signal  – in most cases the local ambulance service will automatically be called if the signal cannot be verified. If someone at the premise suffers from a particular medical condition, it is advisable that this information be provided at the time of a new install so the information can be recorded and supplied to the first responders if required.

Panic Button  – in most cases the police department will be called automatically if the signal cannot be verified.

Water Level / Sump Pump / Temperature Alert / Freezer / Outdoor Perimeter Protection  – in all cases a listed keyholder will be notified by an A. B. Wass security station monitor.

It is imperative for all monitored accounts to provide A.B. Wass Security with an up-to-date key holder list. A keyholder is someone who has access to the premise, is familiar with the use of the alarm system and has been provided with the I.D. number.

What is a false alarm?

A false alarm is any alarm signal that is received where there has not actually been an unauthorized entry. The most common concern for a new installation is the fear of accidentally setting off the alarm. This can easily be done by either forgetting the four-digit PIN number, not turning the system off in time, entering through the wring door, etc. The most important thing to remember is you I.D. number. Once you have identified yourself, there is no harm done. Verification of all signals received must be attempted before any authorities are called.

How do I turn off the alarm system if I set it off by mistake?

The first thing to remember is not to panic. Simply enter your four-digit PIN number to turn off the alarm. If you make a mistake entering your code, you can press the CLEAR button on the keypad and start again. If the alarm system is turned off quick enough, the monitoring station will receive a cancel code showing that the system has been turned off by a valid user code.

What happens if the phone lines are cut and / or damaged?

This can be a valid concern, but it is important to remember that this question is often used by other alarm companies as a scare tactic to make you think that they are the only company with line-cut protection. All companies in the security / alarm system industry have available devices that will allow alarm signals to reach the monitoring station in the rare event the phone line is cut.

What happens if there is a power outage or failure?

All alarm systems have a large rechargeable battery that will keep the system powered and running normally in the event of power loss. A fully charged battery should last several hours. When the A/C power has been restored, the alarm panel will automatically recharge the battery to full capacity.

Will my pet set off the alarm system in my home?

This is an area where some alarm companies are afraid to get involved. A.B. Wass SECURITY IS A VERY PET-FRIENDLY COMPANY. We have had a great deal of success in using the proper pet-immune, motion detectors which are able to identify various sized animals up to 100 lbs. The proper installation and placement of these detectors are imperative in having them functioning as they were intended and thereby preventing false alarms. We have thousands of customers whose pets are free to roam the house without setting off the alarms. Ask your A.B. Wass Security Specialist for details at the time of your individual home security needs assessment.

What if I have some sort of problems with my security system in the middle of the night, a weekend or holiday?

For the peace-of-mind of mind our customers, A.B. Wass has a certified, fully trained Security Technician on call 24 / 7 / 365 for any emergency situations which may arise or to simply answer any questions or concerns you may have. Don't ever hesitate to call A.B. Wass – day or night – to answer any of your emergency security needs.